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Auto Repair / Re: Welcome to the Auto repair section
« on: September 28, 2011, 11:09:55 AM »

Master Tech --

Do you have an estimate ready for me yet?

I would like to get this work done before Winter.


Mary Harkins

For your 2004 Camry, here is a rough estimate,  based on  MOST shop diag and times.

The door lock actuator for that vehicle is approx $225.00 for the part and I believe the labor is a little intensive on it. Id say $550.00 installed w/parts.

The various lights on your dash would have to be diagnosed, so that is atleast $115.00 for diagnosis, and the part or repair could vary.....i couldn't give you an accurate range on that. I do side work sometimes, you seem like a nice person who could use a hand. I could help you for a fair price, or pro bono if nec. Just let me know.

Auto Repair / Re: Welcome to the Auto repair section
« on: September 21, 2011, 10:56:24 PM »
..........................I have a Prius, and it's practically maintenance-free..................................

You have no idea....i have seen brake pads go over 100,000 miles on these vehicles, and if you have the 2004-2008 prius, the brake shoes will most likely last the life of the vehicle with preventative maintenance. Prius' aren't my cup of tea but they were made to last a lifetime.

Auto Repair / Re: Welcome to the Auto repair section
« on: September 21, 2011, 10:48:32 PM »
Master Tech --

 -- a '32 LaSalle, a '51 Studebaker.....

My problem is the 2004 Camry, which I drive mostly in the hot weather and at night.  It seems to run well, sometimes too well, but there is a problem with the front electronic passenger door lock and  all the warning lights come on, but the dashboard accessory light does not. 

The other night I could not see the speedometer and was going 82 in a 55 mile zone.  The deputy under the circumstances just gave me a warning ticket.

Are these issues capable of resolution or do I have to to get a new car.


Mary Harkins

Good thing you don't need help with those antiques...they are way beyond my time....but it is admirable that you have kept them running this long.....

But.....the Camry, i can help.....
  The door lock is most likely a bad door lock actuator, common failure at this age. The warning lights on the dash could be anything, do you remember what they were? The dashboard accessory lights not working could be because the scroll wheel for the auto dimmer is turned to full dim. You can most likely fix these items without needing to get a new car, that would be a last resort.

    good luck Miss Harkins

Auto Repair / Welcome to the Auto repair section
« on: September 11, 2011, 12:35:35 AM »
Hi, I'm the moderator of this section and my job is to answer questions about Automobile/light truck repair. I have a good amount of experience and could help answer any questions people might have. If i don't have an answer, ill try and figure it out. My area of experience is mostly in asian vehicles, but I do have domestic XP too.

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